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The Smart, Legal Way to Boost Your Sales

Did you know that Dec. 13 is National Salesperson Day? This day doesn’t get much credit, but it probably should, at least in the business community. Without sales, most of our companies wouldn’t exist! At The Gibson Law Group, I’m always thinking about sales either as an owner of a business or in the work itself. After all, as lawyers, we must sell our client’s positions to judges, juries, and other lawyers every single day. Even in a business transaction, we are always selling … CONTINUE READING

Why Seeing an Attorney May Be Good for You!

Consulting with an attorney when you are facing legal trouble allows you to have an advocate and expert in your corner who is fighting for you and your rights. And according to recent studies, it may be good for your health too … CONTINUE READING

The Difference Between Slander, Libel, and Defamation

In a time when attack politics are at the forefront of media and politics, we often hear terms like slander, libel, and defamation. While the First Amendment gives us our freedom of speech, not all speech is protected. It’s more important than ever to understand the difference between slander, libel, and defamation and know how to ensure your speech does not cross into these areas … CONTINUE READING

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