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Direct Your Attention to International Day
of Families

For many individuals, the passing of a loved one, particularly a parent, can profoundly impact their perception of family and life in general. When I lost my mother this past January, it brought the importance of cherishing family bonds and treasuring the time we all have together into sharp focus. Losing a parent is an emotional experience, one that inevitably triggers reflection on the memories shared and lessons learned. A mother’s love is a force unlike any other, a sense of warmth … CONTINUE READING

Dumb Crimes: Wannabe Bank Robber Places Phone Order for Cash

Any bank robber knows you have to hurry through a heist to escape. A crook in Connecticut tried a novel time-saving technique: calling ahead.

Taking a cue from the take-out food craze, the wannabe bank robber called a bank in Fairfield, Connecticut, and demanded that $100,000 in large bills be prepared for him with no dye packs in the bag. If the orders were not carried out, the caller told the employee …


Not Just a Crime of Passion

A chilling story unfolded in Oklahoma City in 2021, filled with passion, betrayal, and murder. Keegan Harroz and her client-turned-lover, Barry Titus II, were arrested and charged in a triple homicide that shocked the …


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