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What Really Happens in Vegas

Most of the married men I know worry a little bit about Valentine’s Day, but not me — I’m used to getting the double whammy every year! My wife Michelle’s birthday is on Feb. 13, so we usually roll the two big events together and celebrate in high style. And Michelle being Michelle means just one thing: a weekend trip to Vegas … CONTINUE READING

Creative Valentine’s Day Ideas

Roses, chocolate, and fancy restaurants are Valentine’s Day staples for a reason. They’re classic and timeless, but if you’ve done them year after year, they could also get a little bit boring. To wow your significant other this Feb. 14, think beyond the most famous ways to celebrate. They’ll probably appreciate a twist — and the time you spent making their day special … CONTINUE READING

Clean Hydrogen Explained

The European Union has made substantial investments in clean hydrogen as a renewable energy source, hoping it can help reduce carbon emissions. With the infrastructure bill Congress passed in November, the U.S. is also looking to invest in new energy sources, including clean hydrogen. But what is clean hydrogen, and why has so much hope been placed … CONTINUE READING

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