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The Best Hobby for Business Owners

September is Self-Improvement Month, so I thought I’d shake things up a bit in our newsletter to celebrate. I’ve invited Reagan Herod, an excellent attorney and partner here at GLG, to talk about something most of us (myself included) could CONTINUE READING

Here Comes the Sun!

Solar power has been all over the news, and odds are good that at least one door-to-door salesperson came knocking this summer to sing their praises. Celebrities like Tom Hanks, Brad Pitt, and Pierce Brosnan have invested in solar or installed it on their homes to convert to green energy — but is following in their famous … CONTINUE READING

‘Hey, I Wrote That!’

You might think there’s no way to get rich off a cover song — or if you do, it’s because you’re a famous musician with good attorneys. But neither is the case, and you’d be surprised to hear that patent law approaches cover songs pretty much like it approaches any song — with a flat fee for the songwriter, which in this case is about … CONTINUE READING

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