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David Gibson’s Midsummer Trip to Alaska

Last month, instead of our usual annual trip to Honduras, my wife, mom, stepdad, and I journeyed to cooler climes to escape from the heavy Texas heat. My brother and his wife own a vacation home 65 miles outside of Anchorage, on the edge of a tiny little body of water called Lake Hiline. When my brother asked us to come take a visit this summer, it felt like the perfect opportunity to mix up our usual travels and see something a little different. We rarely head north when we pack into a plane, and though I’d been up to my brother’s icy getaway … CONTINUE READING

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Client Spotlight on Dr. Amir Baluch, Investment Expert

Growing up, Dr. Amir Baluch always knew he wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps in the medical field. But there was one aspect of his father’s life that he definitely didn’t want to mirror: his finances. Though his dad was a successful physician, constantly working hard and making good money, he struggled to put it all together into a cohesive financial plan … CONTINUE READING

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6 Dog Mayors From Around the US

Most towns and cities around the country play it safe: They elect humans to hold political office. But a few towns decided to do something a little different. They threw political formality to the wind and elected dogs to office. Here are a few popular pups … CONTINUE READING

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