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I Swapped ‘Puppy Love’ for the Real Thing

From seventh grade through my senior year of high school, I spent every Valentine’s Day — and every day in between — mooning over a gorgeous girl named Dana. Dana was a poet and an actress. With her big brown eyes and sharp intelligence, she took the stage by storm in all of our high school drama productions … CONTINUE READING

3 Expert Tips for a Stronger Marriage

Here’s a not-so-fun fact: January is the most common month for couples to divorce.

Why is January ‘divorce month’?
No one is entirely sure why so many spouses choose January to cut the knot, but family law attorneys and other experts have floated several theories … CONTINUE READING

A Cinematic Cure for Seasonal Depression

Are you stuck in a TV rut and starting to feel down in the dumps? (Thanks, seasonal depression.) If so, check out one of these heartwarming movies for a pick-me-up … CONTINUE READING

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