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Dallas Cowboys star Trevon Diggs is claiming to be “shocked” by the circumstances that have led to a former landlord suing him for $250,000 over a failure to pay rent and other concerns.

Gibson Law Group attorneys filed the lawsuit in Denton County on behalf of Landlord Rose Marie Yadegar. Yadegar claims that Diggs paid the $5,500 rent payment on time only in the first month of the lease and later vacated the property when she threatened to have him evicted. “It’s been a very stressful situation, and I don’t understand,” Gibson Law Group client Yadegar said. “Why put a homeowner through this much hell when you know you have signed an agreement, and you have to stay committed?”

Diggs’ attorney is blaming some friends of Diggs who, he asserts, have taken advantage of the standout cornerback – though that does not explain why the Cowboys player failed to pay his rent month after month.

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