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Meet Our Firm’s New Partner!

Today, I want to bring you some good news to contrast all the dispiriting stuff on TV: Gibson Law Group has a brand-new partner, and it’s none other than our longstanding senior attorney Reagan Herod! Reagan has been with the firm for five years and, in that time, has proven he’s whip smart, hardworking, and dedicated to our clients. He comes from a background in the oil and gas sector but has found his true calling in business … CONTINUE READING

How 11 Days Were Deleted From History

For centuries, Europeans used the Julian calendar, created by Julius Caesar in 46 B.C. It was based on the solar calendar, so most of Europe thought it was the most accurate calendar. However, over the centuries, dates had “drifted,” and many important days, like Easter and the spring equinox, were no longer falling on the dates they were supposed … CONTINUE READING

Did You Know Lucille Ball Saved ‘Star Trek’?

Did You know that Lucille Ball — the iconic comedian best known for her 1950s show “I Love Lucy” — is the reason “Star Trek” exists today? Ball was a Hollywood force in the ’50s and ’60s, and she produced hit after hit with her production … CONTINUE READING

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