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How to Fearlessly Start a New Venture

My daughter, Taylor, just moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado, to set up her own clinical behavioral therapy practice. I’m incredibly proud of her — and not just because I’m her dad! She works hard and does a great job helping kids. Plus, I’ve had a lot of fun guiding her through setting up her business … CONTINUE READING

It’s World Teachers’ Day!

Teachers have impacted you and your children’s lives in more ways than one. Maybe they inspired you to take a certain career path, always understood you, or were there for you or your child when it was needed. Teachers have a demanding job, so in honor of World Teachers’ Day on Oct. 5, let’s take some time to appreciate them. Here are three ways to show your gratitude this month … CONTINUE READING

Age Is Just a Number

We’ve all heard about people legally changing their name or gender, but have you ever heard about someone trying to change their legal age? In 2018, a 69-year-old Dutch man named Emile Ratelband petitioned a court for permission to change his age. He wanted to alter the year he was born on his birth certificate by 20 years so he could be 49 years old. So, how did this case end? Let’s find out … CONTINUE READING

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