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Why Taylor Monroe Loves Contracts

I know this article’s title may be controversial, but hear me out. When I sit down with a contract and begin reading, I vanish from the Gibson Law Group office. I’m no longer planted in my office chair beside my coffee cup, leaning over paperwork on a desk. Instead, I’m transported into the scenario I’m reading … CONTINUE READING

Cute Puppies = Concentration

“Kawaii” is the Japanese word for “cute,” which apparently alters our brains more than we thought! During The Power of Kawaii study, Hiroshima University researched the effects of viewing images of cute animals, and what they discovered was … CONTINUE READING

You’re Legally Obligated to Walk Your Dog?

If you live in Rome and feel too lazy to walk your dog, you better think twice before breaking the law. Wait, the law?

Yes! In 2005, the city of Rome passed a law requiring every dog owner to walk their furry friend at least once a day if they wanted to avoid a … CONTINUE READING

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