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The Man That Makes Millionaires

When my motivation flagged in college and law school, I always looked up at a particular black and white photograph that I kept on my wall. It was about 8×10 inches and showed a skinny, older, balding fellow with half-moon glasses. He had a beak-like nose, and the angle of the picture made it look like he was … CONTINUE READING

Brighten Up Your Space With These May Flowers!

The April showers came and went, so now we get to enjoy May flowers! You might not buy flowers for yourself often, but it’s totally worth treating yourself and your visitors, all while … CONTINUE READING

Influencer in Florida Accused of Voter Fraud

A February 2016 analysis by MIT Media Lab revealed that Twitter account “Ricky Vaughn” was the 107th most important influencer in the then-upcoming election. That’s a higher ranking than many other groups and individuals like NBC News (114), Stephen Colbert (119), and Newt Gingrich (141). Everyone had one question … CONTINUE READING

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