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Your Secret Weapon for Startup Success

When I turned 16 in September 1980, my parents handed me the keys to my very first car: a white ‘76 Chevy Nova. I was one of the first kids in my entire high school class to get my driver’s license — so you can imagine how popular I became! Overnight, my Nova turned into the go-to vehicle for grabbing lunch off campus, taking after-hours trips to the beach, and going on entirely too many visits to the video game parlor … CONTINUE READING

Ex-Beatle Sued for Plagiarism

In November 1970, George Harrison released his first solo single and biggest hit, “My Sweet Lord.” The song shot to No. 1 internationally and achieved the rare feat of bringing religious devotion to the pop charts. Only one problem arose — despite what the record label said, George Harrison didn’t write it … CONTINUE READING

‘The Repair Shop’: Relaxing and Heartwarming Television

Reality television can be a great way to turn off your mind, but most options are full of petty drama and sarcastic remarks. For some of us, it can get a little tiring. One show out of the U.K. is taking a refreshingly gentler approach. “The Repair Shop” follows passionate craftspeople as they fix antiques, and every object they work on has a story behind it … CONTINUE READING

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