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A Nation built by immigrants

In 27 years of practicing law, I’ve been privileged to work with clients from literally all over the world, from Asia, Africa, Europe, and South America to places as mysterious and exotic as California and New York. They come from … CONTINUE READING


what you can learn from the king of customer


What happens when an internet personality complains about your company? If you’re Amazon, you make sure the next time they talk about you, they’re singing your praises.

ScreenJunkies News is a popular YouTube channel dedicated to media and pop culture. In early November of 2017, the channel streamed a panel discussion that … CONTINUE READING


spice up your life

Spices and herbs add much more than flavor and aroma to your favorite beverages and treats. They also offer many health benefits. When properly utilized, these spice rack staples can ease a variety of symptoms. Ready to find your new … CONTINUE READING

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