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Meet Leah, Our Newest Star Attorney

Hello, I’m Leah, and I’m a recent hire at Gibson specializing in real estate and business law. My path to becoming an attorney was far from linear and more like the culmination of many life experiences, including detours and bumps in the road …


Genius Hacks to Celebrating New Year’s Eve With Kids

Holiday celebrations are some of the most exciting moments for kids, be it trick-or-treating or tearing open Christmas presents. But properly celebrating New Year’s Eve may be a struggle for the little ones. If you’ve let your kids try to stay up until midnight in previous years, you may have experienced sleepiness, tantrums, and cranky mornings the next day, which isn’t the best way to start the new year …


Michael Oher’s Fight for Justice in ‘The Blind Side’ Controversy

The story of how Michael Oher went from a young homeless boy to an NFL star captured the hearts of many and inspired the critically acclaimed 2009 film “The Blind Side.” However, behind the heartwarming tale lies a complex legal battle between Michael Oher and the Tuohy family, who adopted him during his teenage years …


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