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The Often-Missed Message of ‘A Christmas Carol’

My favorite Christmas story of all time is “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens. I’ve never read the book, believe it or not, because I find the prose almost painful. But man, the story is incredible — and so are the movies and plays that it inspired … CONTINUE READING

Tired of Feeling Anxious and Fearful? 

We’ve all felt anxious, guilty, fearful, and sad — it’s a part of life. Perhaps you’ve tried to avoid or suppress these emotions, but you’re not a rock. As humans, we experience these feelings all the time. Trying to control them may only make matters worse. So, instead, focus on something you can control — your actions … CONTINUE READING

Protect Your Personal Data From Scammers 

We get busy shopping for Christmas gifts online and in-store during the holiday season. It’s the season that keeps on giving — but not for all. Scammers will devise clever ways to con you out of your hard-earned money. Some will take advantage of your generosity. So, as you scroll through shopping websites and wait for your gifts to come in the mail, be sure to protect yourself from scammers. Here are some tips … CONTINUE READING

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