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The Privilege of Serving Real People

As an attorney who works with small and mid–size business owners from all walks of life, I consider it a privilege to represent each and every one of my clients. I’m lucky to be able to serve real people whose businesses are on the line, rather than big, faceless corporations with hidden agendas. Beyond helping people secure their livelihood and provide for their families, I just enjoy getting to know them … CONTINUE READING


The Art of Saying No

Business owners can find it hard to say no. If you say no, you can be left with thoughts like “What if I miss out on an amazing opportunity?” or “Can’t I take on just one more project to hit my revenue goal this month?” However, saying no can be extremely empowering and good for your business … CONTINUE READING


A New Look at Leadership

Have you been approaching leadership all wrong? Whether you’re an executive or an aspiring leader, Dr. Henry Cloud, author of the groundbreaking book “Boundaries for Leaders,” might have something to say about it. Marrying the fields of clinical psychology and leadership consulting, Dr. Cloud delves deep into the mind to find rich insights about the psychology of leadership … CONTINUE READING

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